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The Delta of the Casamance River is the most famous bio-topo in the South Senegal. It is a delta formed by tenth’s of islands and islets separated by a maze of channels (the "bolongs") bordered by mangroves, palms, and small mysterious beaches of fine white sand.


 Along its gentle and long meanders and islands, inhabited onshore by more than 400 different species of birds, there are three different species of sea turtles that, in the same way as dolphins, often come to observe us in their peaceful swimming.


Upstream to the river mouth, toward the interior of the Casamance, we will also travel in an more remote area, far from the major tourist routes, where the river invites one to get integrated in the quiet and cozy villages, alternating with farmlands and protected forests. This is the genuine fluvial sub-tropical Senegal.


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In the Casamance river, the cruises of the AFRICA PRINCESS begin and end each Friday afternoon in Carabane or in Zinguinchor. You can choose between taking just a few days cruise, a weekend, or, for a longer relax, join us on a full week cruise.


Casamance, in addition to its nature, also offers multiple events and genuine and very rich local crafts. As a starting point for those who come for the first time to Casamance, we suggest you explore the site  of the Office du Tourisme de Casamance .


We will pick you up in Cap Skirring, in Ziguinchor, or in Bissau, to drive you directly to the boat. There, during the next 7 days, we will make you immerse into an ecosystem of nature and close to very unique people, that will generate unforgettable memories.

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Pendant la navigation, vous verrez fréquemment des hérons, des aigrettes, des spatules, des flamants roses, et même des ibis. Entre les rivages lointains, bordés para les mangroves qui alternent occasionnellement avec des plages sauvages, il y a des îles de sable blanc où l'on s’arrêtera pour des baignades, pour se balader et pour pique-niquer.


Puisque la majorité de l'Équipage de l'AFRICA PRINCESS, bien come son Comandant, sont naturels de la Casamance, ils vous conduiront a visiter les villages lointains ou sont les racines de ses familles, les artisans génuines de la Casamance, et les sanctuaires d'oiseaux dans des forêts très peu visitées loin des circuits habituels, et qui ne sont accessibles que par les canaux.


Ils vous accompagneront aussi à vivre l'ambiance d'un marché typique de la région, et pour compléter cette riche expérience humaine, si l’opportunité s'y présente, ils vous emmèneront aussi assister à des fêtes locales authentiques qui, sans aucun doute,  ne vous laisseront pas indifférents.


Enfin, le voyage a bord de l'AFRICA PRINCESS, donne une perspective de l'origine de la Casamance très peu habituelle:  Voir ses gents, sa nature et ses oiseaux, intégrés dans le fleuve et... dès le fleuve. 




Casamance is one of the most important "places of pilgrimage" in Africa, for ornithology lovers.


For these, we have programs for bird watching covering the four habitats - mangroves, forest, savanna and coastline, or programs that focus on specific sanctuaries. Some of these sites are in places where the AFRICA PRINCESS privileges the ornithologists with "almost impossible visits."


Optionally, a very experienced local guide will join you in the visits to some of the most interesting places for bird watching. In particular, you will be able to visit relatively unique sites upstream of Ziguinchor, who have easy access via the river and are very little visited.



For anglers, we have all the necessary support: fishing boats driven by our professional fishermen, fishing equipment (if necessary), and ... many local expertise. On this cruise, all our fishing guides on board, are natives of Casamance. All of them fished since they were kids in the most  hidden and secret places of this river…


Because in each new stop fishing occurs naturally in the area, many fishermen choose to join the rest of the passengers for lunch, and return to fishing thereafter. However, for the most "passionate", usually we prepare a picnic to bring on board. But even those, following a good refreshing shower, never miss before dinner, the appetizers of our Chef...

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