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The Bijagós Archipelago is one of Africa's mythical spots for sport fishing.  We complement each guest individual fishing skills, with a personalized support of our fishermen - all with a local deep sport fishing experience.

Tarpon 18 Kg à la traine à Orangosinho .jpeg


Further fishing in 7 days: The concept of the AFRICA PRINCESS fishing cruises, invites you to test different ways of fishing in a wider variety of sites, supported by more fishing half-days, and by more time of effective fishing everyday.

Varied program out of fishing: For the fishermen family, or even for anglers who prefer a more balanced cruise between nature and sport, the AFRICA PRINCESS offers everyday a different and varied program, naturally compatibilized with the fishing schedules.


The AFRICA PRINCESS goes where the fish is:  In every stop, your bed, your meals, yours boat's friends or family, and your aperitifs and drinks, will be just minutes away navigating from your favorit fishing spots.   Should you be a night fishing lover, after dinner, just take your rod, your chair, your drink, and move to the "fishermen corner" in the stern.


MINI-CRUISES - Diversity: For those who want to comfortably integrate fishing in mythic distant spots, with his stay in campsites and hotels, we integrate in our programming an alternative of 2 or 3 days fishing trips:


  • In the Bijagós, with departure from Bubaque:

o The Southern Islands on the João Vieira – Poilão Marine Park and  Alcatraz

o Orangozinho and  The Chimneys



If you are a skilled fisherman, you know how important is listening and being supported by the fishermen of our crew. Also, should this be your first fishing experience in this area, you will be amazed on how quickly skilled you will feel, with their personal assistance.


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