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The atmosphere and comfort that you would find in the private yacht of a friend, traveling in the Tropics  



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The four guest cabins of the AFRICA PRINCESS, occupy more than half of the interior of the boat, each with its own separate entrance, its complete toilet and air conditioning.


Since, due to the gentle sea breezes of the Bijagós, there are no mosquitoes, for those who prefer to sleep lulled by the night sounds of the islands and sea of the Bijagós, you only need to close the air conditioning, in order to let the night entering through the window, and ... let yourself go.


THE DECKS :  180º - 360º

With a 15m x 6.5m wide open deck and a panoramic superior deck, the AFRICA PRINCESS was designed to 180º enjoy the sun, 360 º  enjoy the landscape, always in a permanent immersion in the nature, with friends or with yourself.


Life on board is usually flows around in four areas: the sunbeds in the bow, following the guests table, then the command bridge, and finally the bar. And for those who look for moments of retirement, in alternative to the beach, their choice is always the panoramic deck.


Yet there is a place in the stern where late afternoon, curiosity and aromas attract guests: the outdoor kitchen, where our Chef prepares the appetizers and the dinner.



The carbon footprint of the AFRICA PRINCESS is very small: except for navigating, despite its emergency generator, most of the AFRICA PRINCESS electrical and water eating energy, comes from its 30 sqm last generation solar panels - The "noise footprint" of the AFRICA PRINCESS is also very small...


Should you have electronic devices, you can choose to charge them directly in the 220V sockets of the boat or, also bring your car lighter cable, to connect it directly to a 12V socket in your cabin.


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