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Guinea-Bissau is one of the most committed countries in Africa, with its Environment: from a Government, that recently published a law banning the import of plastic bags, to the local villages, that actively protect their agricultural fields, forests, and their sacred places and islands.

In particular the inhabitants of the Bijagós, with their 2 National Parks and their very strong Cultural Values, they have been fiercely preserving since 1996, the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve qualification awarded to their archipelago.


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The Bijagós offer a quite unique mix of environments: 50% of the Bijagós land is palm trees forest. The rest is wet or dry savanna.


In the shores and rivers, along with their unique 37.000 ha of mangroves, there are very rich sedimentary areas, long white sandy beaches or small coves.


The mix of virgin sand, palm trees, tropical temperature sea water and warm moderate outside temperatures, invites for a better understanding and value of one's life.


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With more than 400 different species of birds, the ornithological value of this area is quite unique.  In addition to resident species, there are many birds that choose this area for wintering, when the cold weather temperatures of Europe invite them for a smart travel... as many of the AFRICA PRINCESS guests do.


The remote spots where we travel are quite unique for bird watching and photographing; even for those that were never attracted by the importance of birds in one's relaxation moments.  


Their constant presence, contribute to the "AFRICA PRINCESS forgiveness-experience", not only in the walks on the shore, in the forest or in the savanna, but also when one choses to go deep into the  land by boat, to watch them in the rivers surrounded by the mangroves.


And, in the water, for the sport fishermen, they are always a guaranty of .... unforgivable spinning moments!



The unique biological environment of the 10.000 square Km's Bijagós Archipelago, is mainly due to its special position in the confluence of streams coming from several continental rivers, as well as North and South African coastal streams. 


Also the inhabitants of the Bijagós, with their strong smart cultural values, have been naturally mastering for centuries that balance with the Nature. That strength is the origin for the preservation of their space and culture, despite the increasing close contact with foreigners, during the last decades. 


It is believed that this will be a success case in preserving their UNESCO Reserve of the Biosphere qualification, if all the guests to their archipelago will keep respecting and relating to them, and to their environment, as up to now.




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