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Strong emotions from combining Nature, Fishing and Ethnic Cultural Values... 
living in a boat built for Relax.

Contact us now for a vacation of a lifetime:



The BIJAGÓS - The sole Atlantic UNESCO Reserve of the Biosphere in Africa, due to its unique natural and cultural heritage, is an archipelago composed by 87 islands, only 20 of them inhabited.

Travelling and fishing in their two National Parks, enjoying enjoying with no hurry their absolutely desert beaches, navigate inside the mangrove where no one goes, visiting the most authentic villages, interacting  with their inhabitants and valuing their culture, is a unique experience.

And it is a long-lasting experience, as it helps us to deconstruct and better understand significant parts of our culture.

For some, it is said to be an initiatic trip. For others, a personal bench-mark. For sport fishermen... pure adrenaline!

Bijagós Archipelago - in Guinea-Bissau.

SCHEDULE: From the end of October, until mid May, the AFRICA PRINCESS travels in the Bijagós in Guinea-Bissau, mooring every Friday in Bissau, where it is possible to receive passengers on board coming directly from the Airport. 

Then we leave for the Bijagós, where on a "lazy" navigation we visit about 10 islands and islets, mostly deserts and inside the two National Parks, where we spent the night.

In the period between May and the end of October - the rainy season, our boats move to the interior of the Casamance river, for the early maintenance activities and for our Crew rest.

A Floating Hotel in Orangosinho
Our Boats


Our mother-boat is a 15m  x  6,5m full deck two hulls catamaran, built for a confortable and safe navigation.  Its polyester construction, powered by two 250 HP motors, also allows for a quick navigation but smooth, over the 300km of the cruise. 

The navigation experience of many years in the Bijagós of our Commander and his Crew, supported by a sophisticated set of electronic aids, also allows us to navigate at night while passengers sleep, in order to optimize their time and avoid the “hurries of to visit everything” for those who come to relax.

Bijagos night navigation

Also, for the comfort of the guests, the small draft of the boat - less than 90 cm, allows approaching to the shore, each day converting each new beach, into a natural extension of their "floating hotel" in the Bijagos.  


To contribute for a relaxing tropical trip, the boat offers to the guests a choice of 4 double cabins, wooden finished, each with air conditioning and a fully equipped individual toilet.

High speed boat for transfers

To complete the fleet, the AFRICA PRINCESS has a 10m boat with a 200 HP motor for quick and comfortable transfers


And as, due to our permanent "immersion" in the National Parks everything is always "by our side", we rely on four 7m additional boats, powered with 40 HP motors.

They are used for discovering beaches, fishing, and exploring the biodiversity, navigating the inland channels to observe the wild fauna and untouched mangroves on the most remote islands.

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