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The Delta of the Saloum National Park - a UNESCO Bioesphere Reserve , is the most famous aquatic park in Senegal. It is a delta with 76.000 ha, formed by the confluence of two rivers: the Sine and the Saloum. Along its gentle and long meanders and islands, inhabited onshore by more than 400 different species of birds, there are three different species of sea turtles that, in the same way as dolphins, often come to observe us in their peaceful swimming. Those are also rich fishing waters; therefore artisanal fishing is the most important livelihood in the area. For anglers, it is a unique spot, that allows for important catches in a beautiful and natural environment.



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In the Sine Saloum, the cruises of the AFRICA PRINCESS begin and end each Friday afternoon in N'Dangane. We synchronize our calendars with the direct flights from Lisbon and Paris to Dakar.


We will pick you up at the airport to drive you directly to the boat. There, during the next 7 days, we will make you immerse into an ecosystem of nature and close to very unique people, that will generate unforgettable memories.



We will accompany you to a typical local market, and we will navigate you to visit small fishermen villages where, depending on the tides, you will enjoy the unique dynamics of the fishing boats arrival and the sale of fish on the beach. To complete this rich human experience, should the opportunity presents, we will also take you to watch authentic local celebrations in those villages, which will not leave you indifferent.


While navigating, you will frequently see herons, egrets, spoonbills, flamingos, and even sacred ibis. Far, along the shores, where the line of mangrove alternates  occasionally with wild beaches, there are also islands of white sand, where we will stop for swimming, for walking and for picnics.



For anglers, we have all the necessary support: fishing boats driven by our professional fishermen, fishing equipment (if necessary), and ... many local expertise.


Because in each new stop fishing occurs naturally in the area, many fishermen choose to join the rest of the passengers for lunch, and return to fishing thereafter. However, for the most "passionate", usually we prepare a picnic to bring on board. But even those, following a good refreshing shower, never miss before dinner, the appetizers of our Chef...

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